success stories

success stories

Tevin has impacted my life in more ways than one. For me, this transformation wasn’t just changing my physical appearance, I completely changed my mind set and my attitude about everything!

I was fresh into college, drinking and eating like crazy. I gained weight REAL fast. I knew I wanted to change, I just didn’t know how. Tevin taught me how to balance my life, eating, partying and still make the most out of every second at the gym! I’m not saying that it’s easy, because that is far from the truth. I can tell you this journey has been SO worth it. It taught me that every good thing takes time and patience & I am so excited to be able to continue working with him  to build a better me.

If you want a change in your life, and you need the motivation and support, Tevin is the way to go!

-Destanee Hill

Tevin helped me get back into amazing shape after I took 8 weeks off due to surgery. I’ve always been self-motivated in the gym, but Tevin helped push me to my fitness goals far beyond what I thought I could achieve. Thanks to Tevin I got into the best shape of my life & am only getting better with his mentorship. Tevin has pushed me not only in the gym but to strive for being better in my personal life & career as well. Thank you Tev!

-Yasmine Higbee

Tevin has been a tremendous help on my body transformation. Before joining BL8TN, I felt like I was spending hours in the gym, and not seeing any results. When I met tevin, he showed me many techniques that I never practiced independently, and built my strength and endurance in a short amount of time. My two month transformation showed how much this program really works. 

With an athletic background, I have always loved working out and feeling like I have a team that supports me. Not only have I improved my health and wellness, but I have also made friends along the way that push me to improve. Thanks for making me apart of a team again!

-Jadie Stewart

I began working with Tevin in December 2016. After a year at my first 8-5 desk job it had clearly gotten the best of me. Not only was I the heaviest I had ever been, but I was also mentally defeated. After working with Tevin I lost 20 lbs and 10% body fat in 5 months. Tevin knows how to push every one of his clients to their fullest potential day in and day out. His ability and variety as a trainer is unprecedented and has allowed me to be in best shape I have ever been in. What you don’t see is the mental strength I also gained along the way for which I am forever grateful for! I am so appreciative of Tevin’s commitment and guidance!

-Sarah Graham-Helwig

I began working with Tevin in October of 2016. After gaining over 60lbs in less than a year, I was overweight and in the worst physical shape of my life. During my time with Tevin, he has pushed me physically and mentally to lose weight and achieve the healthiest version of myself. On the days I felt unmotivated or the workouts were hard, he always provided unwavering support and guidance. The level of expertise and commitment he has made to myself and his other clients are unparalleled, my personal results are evidence of this. I could not imagine embarking on this journey with a better trainer.

-Amira Mustaf


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